Our Vision

Our vision at the Federation of All India Caterers (FAIC) is to create a unified and powerful platform that represents the interests of caterers across the nation. Despite the vast number of individuals engaged in the catering industry in our country, many remain unaffiliated with local organisations or associations. This lack of representation often leaves their concerns unheard and their questions unanswered.

Our primary objective is to bridge this gap by fostering a sense of community and unity among caterers. By connecting with us, these caterers gain a voice and a platform to address their issues, thereby integrating them into the mainstream. This not only strengthens our organisation but also amplifies our collective voice, enabling us to advocate more effectively for our industry’s needs.

To achieve this, we plan to appoint local representatives from each province and state to serve on the FAIC Board. These representatives will play a crucial role in identifying and enrolling caterers who are currently not members in their respective areas. They will serve as a vital link between the members and the Board, bringing the concerns and difficulties of the members to the forefront for resolution.

In essence, our vision is to create a robust, inclusive, and influential federation that stands as a beacon of support and advocacy for caterers across India. We believe that together, we can shape a brighter and more prosperous future for the catering industry.

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