About FAIC

The Federation of All India Caterers (FAIC) is a distinguished and expansive platform, uniting professionals dedicated to the esteemed business of catering.

Prior to 2013, caterers’ associations were predominantly local or regional, with no national representation. Recognizing this gap, the All Gujarat Caterers Association (AGCA) envisioned a national federation. This vision materialized in September 2013, with the support of the Bombay Caterers Association, Jaipur Caterers Association, and Hyderabad Caterers Association, culminating in the establishment of the FAIC on 26th September, 2013 in Mumbai.

Esteemed industry leaders, Mr. Narendra G. Somani (TGB Banquets & Hotels Ltd.-Ahmedabad), Mr. Yogesh Chandarana (Utsav-Mumbai), Mr. Kirit Budhdev (Rachit Caterers-Rajkot), and Mr. Samir Parekh (Parekh Catering Services -Mumbai), spearheaded the formation of this constitutional body.

Since its inception, the FAIC has grown exponentially, welcoming other associations and expanding its reach. Today, it stands as a formidable entity, boasting a membership of over 2,500 professionals spanning 18 states across India, all under one unified banner.

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