Benefits to Members: Embodying Unity and Advancement

The Federation of All India Caterers (FAIC) is a vibrant community that embodies the spirit of unity and collective growth, resonating with our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi’s ethos of “Sab ka saath, sab ka Vikas” (Everyone’s support, everyone’s development).

As a member of FAIC, you join a family of over 4,000 members, where individual challenges are transformed into collective triumphs. Our unity amplifies our voice, ensuring that our concerns are heard by government bodies, public institutions, and private entities alike./p>

FAIC News: Your Monthly Insight
Upon joining, members receive our monthly publication, “FAIC News,” offering the latest industry updates. It features insightful articles, interviews, success stories, and knowledge-sharing pieces from accomplished writers, renowned caterers, and hoteliers. It also introduces new recipes, methods, techniques, inventions, and technologies.

Annual General Meeting: A Platform for Exchange
Members are invited to our Annual General Meeting, a platform to voice views, suggestions, and issues. It’s an opportunity to understand the association’s working style, review financial reports, and contribute to its direction.

Bi-Annual Convention: Enriching Knowledge and Fellowship
Our Bi-Annual Convention offers members a wealth of knowledge through seminars, workshops, and training sessions led by industry experts. It’s a unique opportunity for fellowship, allowing delegates to exchange views, techniques, experiences, and cultural values with peers from across India and abroad.

Exhibition: A Showcase of Innovation
Accompanying the convention is an exhibition featuring over 500 businesses and entrepreneurs from the food & beverages industries, both domestic and international. They showcase, demonstrate, and sell their products, offering members a chance to explore and purchase the latest techniques, technologies, and equipment.

Cultural and Recreational Events: Refresh and Rejuvenate
We also organize various cultural and recreational events, including musical nights and concerts, providing a refreshing break from daily routines.

Networking: Expanding Opportunities
Being part of the FAIC family opens up opportunities for networking and business exchange. Members can collaborate as associates for mutual benefit, delegate work to local professionals in other cities, and operate as a multi-city firm.

In essence, membership with FAIC offers a plethora of benefits, limited only by one’s initiative and imagination. Join us, and explore the myriad opportunities that await you in the Federation of All India Caterers.

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