Our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi ji rightly quotes “Sab ka saath, sab ka Vikas” (Everyone's support, everyone's development).

It is the first and foremost reason to become member of Federation of All India Caterers. The pain and gain of anyone are shared among the whole family. The whisper of a single person becomes the roar of a huge family. Be it government or any other public or private institution, everyone has to pay attention to what we say. We need to be united for everyone to hear and pay attention to us. By joining the federation, you are becoming a part of a family of 4,000+ members and grow with each other’s support.

In addition, there are other benefits like:

  1. As soon as you become a member, you will get our monthly publication "FAIC News" every month, through which you will get the latest updates of all the happenings in our industry. Information and knowledge articles written by the accomplished writers of our industry, Interviews, success-stories and knowledge-sharing of successful and renowned caterers, hoteliers, etc., are published. New recipes, methods, techniques, Inventions and introduction of new technology, etc., are published.
  2. Every member can participate in the Annual General Meeting and share his/her views, suggestions or put his/her issues before the association. Along with this, one can know the working style and financial reports of the association and can give his/her opinion on it.
  3. Every member can attend a Bi-Annual Convention where they can enrich their knowledge by attending seminars, conferences, work-shop and training sessions conducted by the experts of the industry. Also, there is a huge scope for fellowship with the delegates from same fraternity coming from different states of India and abroad and to exchange the views, techniques, experience, knowledge, cultural-value, etc. with them.
  4. There will be an exhibition along with the convention, where more than 500 business-houses and entrepreneurs from the food & beverages industries will be participating from India and abroad. They will showcase, exhibit, demonstrate, deal and sell their products directly on a one-to-one basis. Hence, there is also a great scope of knowing and purchasing the latest techniques, technologies and equipment directly.
  5. Various recreational and cultural events like musical nights, concert etc. are also organised along with AGM and conventions to refresh you from your daily monotonous routine.
  6. Being member of a huge FAIC family, you can interact with many fellow-professionals and can exchange the business or can work as an associate for a reciprocal benefit. You can also delegate the work of other cities to a local fellow-professional there and operate as a multi-city firm.

In fact, not limited to the above, there are lot many benefits, which you can explore or identify with your own guts and skills, on becoming a member of Federation of All India Caterers.