A simple but a very strong tag-line "We are one" is very clear and self-explanatory. The main motive is to remain united. Any member's individual problems will be problem of FAIC. May it be GST, Food & Safety License, Govt. Policies, etc. All will be taken care of. Just to quote a few, FAIC has made Govt. to enact new law for outdoor catering. It has also recommended Govt. to revise the GST slab of 18% to 5%. The Food & Safety Act was also reviewed and made simpler for outdoor catering. Further, it conducted lots of workshops pan India on GST and Food & Safety Act to make it understandable and simpler for our fellow-professionals.

Conventions & Exhibitions

To further strengthen our mission, we also initiated and conduct National Conventions once in 2 years, with a motive to gather all the members. It carries an agenda to exchange the ideas & suggestions from all over the industry. New technology, laws, problems, ideas, Govt. policies, etc. are not only discussed, but are also explained thoroughly by the experts from the field. The convention is accompanied by exhibition and gives a mutual opportunity to the vendors that are aligned with food & beverages industry to exhibit their products and interact with the caterers, directly. FAIC has successfully conducted three Conventions till now, first at Ahmedabad in 2014, second at Mumbai in 2016 and the third convention at JECC, Jaipur in 2018 in a grand manner. We are happy to announce our 4th Convention & Exhibition in September from 14th -16th 2022 at Helipad Exhibition Centre, Gandhinagar - Gujarat.


An initiative was taken to connect all members and keep them updated with the happenings in the industry, a magazine-type quarterly newspaper with name 'FAIC News' was started in March 2017. It publishes every month now, with a beautiful layout in multi-coloured pages, and contains the news from each part of the country. It also discusses current affairs that effect or affect food-industry. It gives interesting articles on varied subjects by renowned writers.